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1. Assam - Materials Inward Permit from No. 22 of form 24 and Inward form 14 for Government Loads.
2. AP - No Permit for Inward movements whereas for outward form 10A applicable.
3. Bihar - Inward Permit Form 28B
4. Chandigarh - Outward only form 59 A.
5. Gujarat - Inward form 403 only for certain items. Outward form 45A applicable.
6. Haryana - Inward Form 38.
7. Uttaranchal - Inward Form 42 way bill.
8. UP - Inward Form 31 & 32
9. Tirupura - Outward Form 18A
10. Rajasthan - Inward Form 18 & 18A
11. Punjab - No Inward, Outward From 24A
12. Orissa - Way Bill No.32
13 Nagsland - Form 16
14. Megalaya - Form 14 Road Permit
15. Manipur - Form 35 or Form 37
16. West Bengal - Way Bill for Inward
17. Tamil Nadu - No Inward Permit but for outward Form JJ
18. Jammu & Kashmir - No Permit required
19. Himachal Pradesh - No Permit required
20. Madhya Pradesh - No Permit required
21. Maharashtra - No Permit required
22. Karnataka - No Permit required
23. Kerala - No Permit required
24. Jharkand - Yes Permit required
25. Chattisgarh - Yes Permit required
26. Goa - No Permit required
27. Delhi Dadra & Nagar Haveli Daman & Diu & Pondicherry. No Inward Permit required.
Note: If a truck crosses the state border into the destination state without permit then the stock is considered as smuggled in to the state without paying sales tax of that state. This will attract 40% penalty on the material value and also detention of the truck and the driver. Many a times the material is taken and unloaded in the custody of the Sales Tax department and notice will be sent to the consignee as here the consignee is the Sales Tax Payer as he is bringing inward material from the other state. If no body turns up in 30 days with consecutive three notices the material can be sold or auctioned and the entire amount will go to the State Government Treasury.

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