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Chennai Goods Transport Association (CGTA) is a Registered Association established in the year 1972 at Chennai.  A group of  Professional Volunteered from Surface Transport industry to form this Association for the Common Cause with a long term objective purely for the welfare of the Industry and their people.  The goal was to protect the interest of all hard working Road haulers who serve the nation.

The Main Objective of our Association are to cultivate cohesive spirit of unity among Transport Operators to liase with the Government in order to frame various Policy matters to maintain good harmonious relationship with staff and Labour unions, and to carryout welfare activities for the benefit of the Transport Community.

CGTA is affiliated to the “ALL India Motor Transport Congress”. CGTA has made tremendous progress since its inception and has been growing in size and statue.  Today the membership strength of the Association is close to 300 Transport Companies of high standard.  Most of the Transport Companies are “All India” based and they have a wide network of branches throughout the country.  These companies operate with more than 10,000 vehicles.  The member of CGTA provide employment directly to approximately 30,000 people and indirectly to another 1,50,000.  

The association by self has got to have Office Bearers who are democratically elected and a total of 17 Executive Council includes a President, Vice-President, Hon. Secretary, Jt.Secretary and Treasurer forms this active team.

There are other Office Staff directly employed with the association as Employees to take care of daily office affairs.  


 * To represent all necessary matters with the Government and even with general public     with a spirit of Unity and speak, ‘on and behalf of ‘, all member transporters in,
    “one voice”.
 * To create a harmonious atmosphere among all members companies, their staff, Labour     and their unions.
 * To fight unitedly for justice of member companies on all matters which are considered to     be genuine, reasonable and important.
 * To inculcate knowledge and professional ethics among all member companies, their staff     by training them and develop them.
 * To resolve the indifferences among transporters and Market Truck Suppliers.                * “TO STAY UNITED”    


To formulate various activities the CGTA has formed few action committees among their members to address, advise and regulate its area of Interest for the benefit of members and public.  

1. Membership Committee :
   This Committee brings up the membership by inducting new members with proper

2. Grievance Committee :
   To hear, understand and solve the problems of member companies of the association is
    their prime job.

3. Complaints Committee :

   To receive, hear, understand, find alternative and give solution is the job of this
   committee among the member Transport Companies and the Market Truck Suppliers.

4. Health Committee :
    This Committee takes care of the health hazards of staff of the member companies
    conduction health checkup camps.

5. Labour Committee :
   This Committee undertakes to solve differences arise between Loadman/Hamalies and
   the Transport Company by discussing their issues across the table and find amicable

6.Training Committee :
   To Conduct various Training Programs, Seminars of        
   in-house and external faculties for the development of the member company staff.  

7. Fund Raising Committee :
    This  Committee acts as a marketing team in raising funds in the form of subscription and
    donations to the association from outsiders and corporates and donors.  

8. Public Relations Committee :
   This Committee interacts as a PRO with corporates and Government and with other
   Associations acting as a bridge between for conveying and conducting.  

9. Project Committee :
  This is the implementation Committee of various projects and ideas which are
   formulated for mutual interest.  

Every Committee has got a Chairman and a group of not less than two other co-ordinators to act upon. Who can become a member of CGTA and what are the essentials of eligibility?  What is the advantage of being a CGTA Member?

The advantages of being a member of CGTA  :
  The voice raised by a member on any reasonable issue shall be supported by the association as one family.  

Voting  rights in the democratic way.    

Eligibility to become a Member :  
The Membership is given to the Companies who are in the trade of surface Transport, having their office in Chennai. They should be of the Goods Transport Agency Category and not of Truck brokerage in nature.  

Membership Fees details  :
Admission fees Rs.2000/-
yearly subscription Rs.3500/-
Life time membership Rs. 25,000/- with a validity of Twenty years

*The admission into CGTA is subject to verification of application and approval of the Committee and chair.


Welcome to Chennai Goods Transport Association

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